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Commission Info


Portraits may be commissioned in a variety of sizes and options.  The price of each portrait is decided by how much of your pet you'd
like to depict, the size of the canvas and the complexity of the composition.  For example, choices could range from a small canvas of
a head study with simple background colors to a large-scale full body portrait with a highly detailed background, or anything that falls
in between.  If you'd like to include another pet to the portrait, then you would add 50% to the price for each additional pet.

Below are just a few examples of different options, sizes and price ranges to give you a better idea. 

"Miniatures", Head only

5" x 5"  $115

Head and shoulders, color background
20" x 20"  $525

Full body, color background
12" x 16"  $450
 Full body, subtle background
14" x 18"  $525

2 pets, subtle detailed background
20" x 24"  $1,200

Full body, fully-detailed background
24" x 30"  $1,600

 Photo tips

  • The best way to begin is with well-lit, clearly focused photos with good detail, especially of the face and eyes. 

  • The more images we have to work with, the better, as it's helpful when choosing the best photo for the portrait.

  • I prefer high resolution large jpegs for greater detail, if possible.

  • Natural, outdoor lighting works much better than flash, which tends to wash out details and coloring.

  • Try to get some of those endearing poses and expressions you're so familiar with to capture your pet's personality.

  • It's best to shoot lower, at "pet-level" when taking photos so you're not looking down on him. 

  • Experiment and have fun, usually candids can produce the most interesting shots! 

  • Have someone assist you if necessary, with toys, treats or just to hold your pet still if all else fails!

 If you're local, I'd be happy to come and meet with you and your pet to get to know their unique personality and take photos.


I generally work on a 4 - 8 week time frame depending on the number of commissions I receive.  During the holidays, please allow
for additional time.  If you need a portrait for a special occasion and/or have time restraints, gift certificates are also available.

* 50% deposit is required before the portrait is started

* prices do not include tax, shipping and handling

* Payment is accepted by cash, check or money order

* Hand delivery is available for local clients

  Greeting cards

All of the paintings in the gallery are also available as 5" x 7" greeting cards that include quality
heavy-weight envelopes.

Cards are $3 each for up to 5, and a set of 6 is $16.50 [mix and match].

To order, contact me through e-mail and request your choice by the title of each painting.