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About the Artist

I've always wanted to dedicate my energy to animals,
art and nature. For many years, I've painted pet portraits
part time around my day job. Eventually, I decided it was
time to launch full speed ahead and follow my passion
in life. The result: One Woof Studio.
Our dog, "Opie" served as my inspiration for the name.

I was born in Strasbourg, France, grew up in Florida,
and moved to Cincinnati in 1995 after meeting my
husband, Gordy.

For generations, my family has always expressed their
artistic side by painting and writing. I studied at the Art
Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa Technical Institute
and the Art Academy of Cincinnati. My degree in graphic
design and background in fine art helped me to evolve
the painting and drawing styles I use in my artwork today.
I use primarily acrylics or graphite to create highly
detailed work, especially in the animal's face.

The backgrounds are colorful and at times, whimsical.
Sometimes, I simply like to use shades and tones of
color that are complimentary to the subject.

My studio is my haven, alongside my trusty muses;
Opie and Tula, both Great Pyrenees-mix rescues,
and my 2 cats, Moochie Pie Jones and Willie Mo.
As the most loyal of all companions, the human-pet relationship is so amazing and rewarding. We are truly fortunate to share our lives with them.